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參與者郵件已於4月1日發送 — 包含取件提醒、日程安排、交通資訊 – 請在此閱讀。
PARTICIPANT EMAIL SENT on April 1st — With Pickup Reminder, Schedule, Getting There Info – READ IT HERE.


★ 重要通知:領取物資包時請攜帶選手證件(接受證件影本或拍照截圖)。
★ 參賽者報到,須提供由本人簽署的『保險合約』及『免責聲明』,於核對選手證件正確後,才可領取完整物資包。

2024 4/11 星期四 中午12:00-晚上9:00
2024 4/12 星期五 中午12:00- 晚上8:00

FAV 運動傷害預防專家
Tel: 0952065450

Packet Pickup – Time and Location Announcement:

Important notice: Please bring your personal ID or passport (a photocopy of the ID or a photo or screenshot will be
accepted) when picking up the material of race pack.
★ In-person only pickup option for runners. When picking up, participants must sign an “Insurance Contract” and “Disclaimer” (Download disclaimer here) signed by themselves. Only after verifying that the contestant’s ID is correct can they receive the complete material package including your running bib (number) with timing chip.
★ You can only pick up materials for additional registered participants if they decided not to run. In this case you will need a photo of the ID of the person you are picking on behalf of. You will receive their race pack without running bib (number) or timing chip.

Thursday April 11, 2024 —- 12PM to 9PM
Friday April 12, 2024 —— 12PM to 8PM

Pickup Location:
No. 6, Alley 12, Lane 251, Section 3, Zhongxiao East Road, Taipei City 106

Tel: 0952065450