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2024 Explore Your Backyard
探索後花園 2024

April 13, 2024 | 2024年4月13日
Tucheng, New Taipei City

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One EPIC EVENT – Three awesome Races


Race Director Petr describes this ITRA-certified trail as “Challenging.” Brace yourself for thrilling climbs, breathtaking views, and two of everyone’s favorite rope sections. And for those who’ve raced this trail before, get ready to relive the unforgettable “Loop of Happiness” that promises a joyous twist!

23KM 越野挑戰組
賽道總監 Petr 用 “Challenging” 來形容這條經過 ITRA 認證的賽道,有爬升、有美麗的風景、有兩段大家最愛的拉繩路段 (還有讓以前跑過這賽道的參賽者永生難忘的 ”Loop of Happiness 快樂地繞一圈“ )

Early Bird Registration: 2200 NTD
Regular Registration: 2450 NTD


Every year, this trail attracts numerous off-road runners who love mid-to-long distances and crave speed, making the competition fierce. It’s also the perfect track for road runners looking to dip their toes into trail running. Of course, newcomers to off-road running are also welcome to challenge themselves on this advanced route!


Early Bird Registration: 1900 NTD
Regular Registration: 2100 NTD

13km distance has a 200 NTD discount for born on or after 2005-01-01

7 KM RUN/Hike – FUN

This is a fantastic opportunity for those wanting to try trail running. It’s perfect for beginners, hiking enthusiasts, and families to challenge their stamina while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Plus, there’s a treasure hunt game in this category!

7KM快樂跑 / 健行組

Early Bird Registration: 1400 NTD
Regular Registration: 1500 NTD

7km distance has a 200 NTD discount for born on or after 2008-01-01

Key Points To Know About Our Different Distance Categories:
For the 23k, there will be a certain level of difficulty, so we have some additional rules:

If you haven’t reached CPA by 9:30 am, we will downgrade you to the 13k category.
If you haven’t reached CP2 (approximately 16.5 kilometers) by 1 pm, we will ask you to stop the race.
The 23k has a time limit of 7 hours; you should return to the finish line by 3 pm.
The 13k has a time limit of 6 hours; you should return to the finish line by 2:30 pm.

23k 會有一定的難度,所以我們有些額外規定:

1) 如果你在9:30分前還沒抵達CPA ,我們會在此處幫你降組到13k 的組別.
2) 如果你在下午1點前還沒抵達CP2(約16.5公里處) , 我們會請你停止比賽.
3) 23k總共限時7小時,你應當在下午3點前回到終點.


Course Map
GPX Download

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Race pack pickup is available in-person only. It will take place on April 11, 12 at FAVPlease follow the pickup procedure.


RACE DAY 2024年4月13日

6:30 AM – Race pack pickup for out of town participants | 早上06:30 – 07:30 台北地區外選手報名物資領取

7:00 AM to 7:45 AM – Personal Item Storage Area Open | 早上07:00 – 07:45 隨身物品寄放

7:30AM – Warm up and Final Instructions before race | 早上07:30 暖身時間

8:00 AM – 23KM Category Start | 早上08:00 23K組別起跑

8:45 AM – 13KM Category Start | 早上08:45 13K組別起跑

9:00 AM – 7KM Category Start | 早上09:00 7K組別起跑

11:00 AM – Lunch Service Begins | 早上11:00 午餐開始供應

12:00 PM – Award Ceremony | 中午12:00 頒獎典禮

What’s Included with Registration | 比賽包含什麼呢?

Event Insurance | 活動意外保險

Personal Insurance | 個人及活動保險
Personalized Bib | 客制號碼布
Iconic EYB Tshirt and Head Buff
Event Photography | 免費活動照片
Tons of Snacks & Drinks | 超多的補給點心及飲料
Lunch | 美味午餐
Post Run Draft Beer from Redpoint | 結束後的生啤酒(由紅點桌邊飲贊助)
Finisher Medal – Prizes for top finishers | 完賽禮品及優勝隊伍獎品